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In 1985, Weber (TM) began producing the highly rated Genesis® gas grill, offering consumers the convenience of gas grilling without sacrificing flavor.  At the heart of every Genesis® gas grill is the Weber (TM) patented cooking system to virtually eliminate flare-ups and provide ultimate temperature control. You'll also find added conveniences like tool hooks, stay-cool handles, side tables, and other handy features that make gas grilling even easier.

When looking for a grill what is the difference between a good grill and a great grill?

On a Weber®, you get high quality, thick stainless steel burner tubes. Other grills offer stainless steel burner tubes too but, on the Weber® gas grill the gas holes in the tubes are precisely made taking into consideration the drop in gas pressure from one side to the other side of the grill offering an exact, uniform flame, no hot spots, or cold spots from one side to the other.

Also, look at the distance between the burner tubes to the flavorizer bar then the flavorizer bars to the cooking surface. On a weber® this is a huge part of why other grills flair up and burn the food even on low, not to mention the patented Weber® anti-flair up flavorizer(TM) bars. Simply put. you cannot beat a Weber®!

Comparing the "Premium S Model" to the "Standard E model" Genesis® grills

Do you know the difference?

Weber® offers the 310, 320 and 330 the difference between the 320 and 330 is the 330 has a searing burner section and the 320 / 310 does not. Both the 320 and 330 come with a side burner and the 310 does not.

Then looking deeper into the unit model designs we find the difference between the "E" Standard Grill and then you have the "S" Premium Grills offered by premium full line dealers.

On the "S" or premium grill model you get a solid stainless steel Cooking surface and solid Stainless Steel Flavorizer(TM) Bars plus a longer warranty (refer to below)


On the "E" grill you get a cast Iron cook top and porcelain steel flavorizer(TM) bars.

Some people like a cast iron top for cooking and everything else stainless steel. As in this unit, it has stainless steel flavorizer(TM) bars but he replaced the stainless steel cook top with cast iron. There are a few problems with cast iron, Cast iron eventually breaks due to the heating and cooling process as well as rusts. Also, you must take extra caution when cleaning, one slight drop on a hard surface and they are broken. Replacement grates are available at Grills of Maryland's retail store.


Weber® Grill Warrantees

Weber® Summit(TM), Genesis(TM) Warranties
Aluminum castings-2 year on paint excludes fading 25-years
Stainless steel Shroud 25-years
Porcelain-enameled shroud 25-years
Stainless steel burner tubes 10-years
Stainless steel cooking grates 5-years no rust through or burn through
Stainless steel Flavorizer(TM) bars 5-years no rust through or burn through
Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates 5-year no rust through or burn through
Porcelain-enameled cooking grates 3-years no rust through or burn through
Porcelain-enameled Flavorizer(TM) bars 2-years no rust through or burn through
Infrared Rotisserie Burner 2-years
All remaining parts 2-years
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