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Bylaws 2016



BYLAWS    Revised April 2016        


A. Name: The name of the organization is the American Association of Pastoral Counselors.  It is a nonprofit organization incorporated under the laws of the State of Missouri.

B. Purpose: The organization promotes the profession and practice of pastoral care and counseling.  


A. There shall be two categories of membership: Individual members and Centers. Individual members shall follow processes outlined in the AAPC Manual for Membership. Centers shall follow the processes outlined in the AAPC Manual for Centers.

B. Annual dues for all categories of Membership shall be determined by individual regions and approved by the Board of Directors.

C. Rights of members: All Members may hold office within the Association according to the policies ratified by the Board of Directors and written into the AAPC Association Policies Manual.

D. Good Standing, Resignation and Termination:

  1. Members in good standing shall maintain the requirements for their category of membership including the paying of dues, submission of annual reports, and compliance with the Code of Ethics as required in the AAPC Association Policies Manual.
  2. Failure to comply with the AAPC Association Policies Manual, to pay dues, or to abide by the Code of Ethics shall provide grounds for suspension of membership or termination of membership by the Association.
  3. Members who have resigned or whose membership has been terminated may seek reinstatement following procedures outlined in the AAPC Association Policies Manual, AAPC Manual for Membership, or the AAPC Manual for Centers.


A. The date and place of the meetings of the Association shall be determined by the Board of Directors.  A quorum of 5% of the eligible voting members is required for the meeting.

B. Special meetings of the Association may be called by the Board of Directors, with advance notice provided to the membership of at least thirty days and no more than sixty days. Voting privileges shall be limited to individual members as outlined in the AAPC Association Policies Manual. They shall have a vote in the business of the Association and in the region to which each belongs.

C. Amendment of the Bylaws and election of the Board of Directors and other elected leaders shall be by the voting membership as well as any other actions requiring membership approval.  


A. There shall be a Board of Directors of the Association.  It shall be responsible for all legal and fiscal matters. The Board of Directors shall lead the Association in its mission, appoint task forces and working groups where needed, and establish policy for the Association; when such policy is not addressed through the bylaws, and it shall communicate such policy to the membership.   The Board shall be responsible for any personnel necessary to carry out the responsibilities of the Association, and do so in accordance with the AAPC Association Policies Manual. The Board of Directors shall consist of the following:  the duly elected officers and from three to five members-at-large, who are individual members with voting privileges of the Association, and shall be moderated by the President of the Association.

B. The at-large members of the Board of Directors shall be elected by the members of the Association for one three year term and shall not succeed themselves. The members of the Board of Directors by virtue of their officer position shall serve on the Board for terms concurrent with their officer appointments.

C. The at large members of the Board shall be nominated in accordance with the process defined in the AAPC Association Policies Manual.



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