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Multi-Cultural Racial Justice Project

September 2010
Colleagues in AAPC:
We are very pleased to tell you that the AAPC Board of Directors has taken historic steps in committing our association to racial justice and multicultural competency in our life as an organization and in our work.  At its July meeting the Board received with gratitude the report of the Multicultural Competency / Racial Justice Project.    The Board then voted to approve the document "Anti-Racist Multicultural Competencies" and to adopt the definitions, general statements, and commitments of that document as official positions and policies of the AAPC.  We have linked that document from this page for you to read. 
Furthermore, the Board recommitted itself to lead the Association toward racial justice and multicultural competence and moved to designate a subcommittee of Board members to monitor and evaluate the on-going implementation of this work. By taking these steps the Board takes the initiative to ensure that the AAPC organizes itself and operates in a way that builds racial justice and the competencies needed to operate in our multicultural world.  This work is now understood to be integral to the life of the Association and woven into our core mission as an organization.
The work of becoming an anti-racist, multiculturally competent association cannot be carried out by the Board alone, however.  We call on all members of AAPC to commit themselves to these values, principles and skills.  The Board's action marks an important step.  We hope it functions in the life of our Association not as an end point, but as a launching pad.
We would like to thank the Project members for their energy, effort and courage in researching and writing the report and bringing recommendations to the Board.  The Project was led by Patricia McCluskey, Chair.  Members included K. Samuel Lee, Chair of the Multicultural Competencies Task Force, Anne Swallow Gillis, Chair of the Racial Justice Task Force, Kathleen Greider, Lee Butler, Insook Lee, Alice Graham, Rebeca Radillo, Doug Thorpe, Loren Townsend and Doug Ronsheim.  Joretta Marshall, during her term as president, gave active support and wise counsel to the project. 
The Project was funded by a Mission Advance grant.  That points to the ultimate goal of this project and the Board's commitments: to advance the AAPC in pursuit of its mission.
Doug Thorpe          Doug Ronsheim            Alice Graham                                   
President and         Vice-President and        Executive Director                        Chair of the Board   Chair of the
                             Action Council       
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