Fact Sheet: Learn how to talk with clients and colleagues about Links Between Violence and Health Equity

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Violence has far-reaching consequences for young people, families and neighborhoods, beyond serious physical injury and death. These fact sheets describe how violence affects other health problems and community concerns, such as chronic diseases, mental illness and poor learning.

Children who are scared at school cannot focus on learning, for example, and people are less likely to be active if the local park isn't safe. These fact sheets were designed to persuade educators and those in health, public health and mental health that violence can undermine the work of all sectors, and that everyone should include preventing violence in their efforts. Backed by the latest research, these fact sheets make the case that preventing violence is a key aspect of any vibrant community, one where young people enjoy every opportunity to learn, thrive and excel.

Also read the UNITY Fact Sheets on violence and lack of safety as a health equity issue,  "Links Between Violence and Health Equity."

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