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Open Letter to President Barack Obama

Dear Mr. President,

Greetings from the Washington Metro area!

I am writing on behalf of the leaders and co-signers below. They represent several hundred thousand people
through our respective ministries. We are concerned by your endorsement of same-sex marriage. We would like to
speak with you for one hour on Wednesday, May 23rd or Thursday, May 24th.

Our desire is to dialogue with you concerning your next steps. We are not attempting to change your mind. We
respect the fact that you have thoughtfully evaluated your decision. Unfortunately for many of us,
we are not aware of the public policies you will institute in 2012 and beyond based on your belief that same-sex
marriage is a civil rights issue.

Why a meeting? Many of the people attending voted for you. In fact, every one of us respects you. A large number
of church and denominational leaders believe in you as a person. All of us have proudly celebrated your election as president. You are a living symbol of American achievement. Further, you are living out three dreams simultaneously:

1. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream

2. The American dream

3. Your own family dream

In our opinion, God also has a dream for the American family. Therefore, we want to know whether the full power of
your office will be exerted to advance a same-sex marriage agenda. We want to hear from you personally – not
from surrogates or representatives.

In 2004 George W. Bush won his second term as president because 8 percent of black voters in Ohio and 9 percent
of black voters in Florida changed their presidential allegiances. If a small percentage of black, brown and Asian
evangelical voters decide to stand against your re-election; they could determine the outcome of both the
presidential race and the balance of power between the parties. The people coming to Washington can be a catalyst
for change. We can influence the direction of the evangelical vote in America. I am sure that your staff has alerted
you to the fact that your support among evangelical Christians has eroded in every age group and ethnicity in the
US. Therefore, a sleeping giant can rise up and support you or oppose your re-election.

In conclusion, next week we will hopefully meet with you, your Republican opponent and members of both houses
of Congress. We hope to have a respectful dialogue with you about your next steps and then go out to impact the
nation with the information and perspective we have learned.

Thanks in advance for your prayerful consideration of our request.


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