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Healthcare Reform

We know that we need healthcare reform to ensure all Americans get the high-quality, affordable care they need and deserve. Under the status quo, too many Americans can’t get the affordable care they need when they fall ill. But health reform must make health care more than just sick care. There must be an aspect of preventative health as well. There are three main problems with America’s health-care system:

1. The lack of access to the best health care for all Americans.
2. The high costs of treatment.
3. The need for people to take personal responsibility to prevent sickness and health problems.

American taxpayers contribute seven thousand dollars annually to the health care system. Despite this high “national overhead,” half of U.S. bankruptcies are caused by medical expenses, even though two-thirds of bankruptcy filers had health insurance. This means that there is a disconnect between what we think we are paying for and what we are actually getting when it comes to our medical insurance plans.


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